Our fir pellet is characterized by its light color with an exceptional calorific value and very few ash residues.

• Pellet made of Fir, without bark, free from glues or other additives.
• Very high yield product, excellent quality / price ratio.
• More efficient and lasts longer.
• High quality raw material from certified forests. Woody Pellet promotes reforestation.


Essence Spruce
Length 40 mm max
Diameter 6 mm ± 1
Ash content 0,3%
Moisture 8,5%
Calorific value 4,87 kWh/kg
Bulk density 750 ≥ DB ≥ 600 Kg/m3
Mechanical durability≥ 98% weight
Binding agents none
Packaging 15 kg bags and Big Bag (1000 kg)