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Today the environment is at the forefront of the public debate. Sustainability is the first challenge companies should tackle to ensure a world where future generations can live in.

Respect for the environment is part of Florian’s DNA and has always been expressed through real commitment. Our approach to sustainable development involves every stage of the wood production cycle, from the procurement of the raw material in controlled areas to the use of energy from renewable sources in all production processes.

The wood market is experiencing a reduced availability of raw materials, in conjunction with an increasing demand.
The new regulations and standards in force (Due Diligence, Timber Regulation) foster European hardwoods, since it is extremely regulated, to the detriment of non-European wood species (Africa, South America), which are rarely certified and often of doubtful origin.

In this scenario, Florian’s winning strategy focused on quality and certified European woods, offering excellent products while protecting forests.
Irresponsible forest management leads to forest degradation: Florian’s goal is the responsible management and safeguard of their future.


Focused on environmental and energy issues.

A photovoltaic systems for the generation of electric power was installed and it is feeding our plants. The structure stretches to 10.000 sqm. on the roof of our building and ensures a power up to 1.000 Kwe: since its implementation our CO2 emissions reduced up to 576 kg/day.


Correct forest management: a rigorous process that avoids wild deforestation.

The average life of a tree ranges between 80 and 120 years: once maturity is reached, the tree needs cutting to plant a new one. This reforestation triggers a no-profit economic drive generating economic flows that are necessary for the forest future. A FSC® certified product protects the natural clean and healthy development of forests.
In all our productions we use wood of certified origin from controlled reforestation plantations. The Florian Group is committed to applying only high efficiency production and energy recovery systems, to enhance the raw material without waste.


The Timber Regulation is the instrument by which the EU aims at preventing the illegal trade of timber. The goal is turning Europe into the first market in the world free of timber coming from illegal forest management and logging.

With a special focus on wood and wood products coming from all over the world.
In order to control the legality of the Wood and Paper supply chain forest management, the Timber Regulation, introduces the obligations for companies to implement Due Diligence practices. They should envisage specific risk assessment and management procedures and, at the same time, provide information to ensure product traceability.

Florian is a member of “Conlegno” (Legnok). Conlegno is working to pursue the values and challenges of the EUTR: stopping deforestation and promoting the legal origin and market of wood and wood-based products, which do not damage the environment and the socio-economic conditions of exporting countries. The “LegnOK Technical Committee” is the body of the “Consorzio servizi legno – sughero”, delegated to coordinate and manage the companies that have correctly adopted and implemented the “LegnOK Regulation – Due Diligence System in accordance with Regulation (EU) no. 995/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 October 2010”. With this Due Diligence system, Florian is committed to make Europe a market that is free from illegal forest management and illegal logging.

Il partner ideale per chi commercia e lavora il legno con il cuore.
La creazione di un network solido ed efficiente rappresenta una strategia fondamentale per la crescita in un mercato sempre più flessibile, dinamico e difficilmente prevedibile. Florian vuole interpretare questa situazione da capofila ed è alla continua ricerca di partner in tutto il mondo con cui condividere la passione per il legno e una grande imprenditorialità.