A complete line of wood fuels


Choosing a renewable energy source, which comes from raw materials of plant origin, has become of considerable importance in recent times, where environmental protection and sustainable supply chains play an essential role. Florian decided to contribute to this change by bringing natural fuels onto the market, without adding additives, giving new life to processing waste and creating added value. The wide range of Woody Fire products was born therefore to satisfy every type of need and includes both natural fuels, with pellets, briketts and sticks, and firewood, available on pallets of different sizes.

Particular attention should be given to Pellets due to the ENplus certification, whose main objective is to enhance the quality of certified pellets and is currently the most important scheme internationally for the quality of wood pellets for domestic use. Florian is part of the Pellet Producers and Distributors Group ENplus. Furthermore, it is important to know that the combustion of pellets does not increase the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere overall, because it releases a quantity of CO2 equal to that absorbed by the tree during growth.