Florian has always been committed to environmental and energy issues; that is why we obtained the following certifications.


Our floorings comply with the requirements dictated by the legislation on CE marking, which certifies the conformity of the wooden floor according to the standards of the European Community, essential for marketing within the European territory. The brand guarantees quality, safety and consumer protection.


Trademarks are used to identify all those products that contain wood coming from forests that are managed in a controlled and responsible way, according to strict environmental, social and economic standards. Chain of Custody (COC) certification guarantees the traceability of certified materials. In this way, we can guarantee the proper control over the origin of the wood used for our products and we show in a transparent way our active contribution to responsible forest management and environmental protection. On demand, we can supply FSC or PEFC certified products.

These certifications allow to:

• Preserve the forest as a habitat for animals and plants
• Maintain the protective function of water, soil and climate of forests
• Protect forest ecosystems biodiversity
• Verify the origin of raw materials and a sustainable management and harvesting system
• Respecting the natural forest growth rhythm
• Support reforestation or natural regeneration of the subject areas
• Protect the rights and health of workers
• Favor short supply chains.


“Indoor Air Comfort” (IAC) Certification is an innovative instrument to show compliance of a product with low VOC (volatile organic compounds) emission requirements established in Europe. The “Indoor Air Comfort GOLD ” certified product shows further compliance of emissions with many of the voluntary specifications issued by most eco-quality brands and similar specifications in the EU. Therefore, certified products for emissions are excellent for indoor air quality. Our two and three-layers flooring is the only one that has obtained the certification in Italy.


Florian is a member of Catas, a well-known laboratory for analysis and research for the wood / furniture sector. Catas has been providing services since 1969 and the long experience has allowed it to become one of the most important testing, certification and research institutes at international level. Every year we have our products tested, to verify the quality, strength and durability of each component. For more information visit www.catas.com or contact certifications@florianinc.com for details on the test reports.


AIEL (Italian Agroforestry Energy Association) is the association of companies that operate along the wood-energy chain: from producers of wood-based biofuels to technology producers to transform them into heat and energy. The objective is to guarantee the correct and sustainable energy enhancement of agroforestry biomass, in particular wood biofuels. AIEL has 500 members and is divided into supply chain groups: to each segment of the supply chain, there is a correspondent group of companies. AIEL Companies operate with a view to quality, environmental and socio-economic sustainability. The three quality certification systems include: ENplus for pellets, Biomassplus for firewood, wood chips and briquettes, Clean Air for wood and pellet used in house heating systems.

Florian produces ENplus certified Pellets and is part of the Pellet ENplus Producers and Distributors Group, developed after the ENplus certification, whose main objective is the enhancement of certified pellets quality. The ENplus certification is currently the most important one at international level for the quality of wood pellets for domestic use.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact certifications@florianinc.com.