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The Admission Document inserted in this section of the website (the “Admission Document”) is an Admission Document on the multilateral trading facility organized and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A. – ExtraMOT PRO professional segment, of the bonds issued by Molinari S.p.A. and has been drawn up pursuant to the ExtraMOT Regulation (“ExtraMOT Regulation”).
The Admission Document does not provide for consultancy services to be provided in this regard, nor does it constitute a professional opinion on financial, legal or tax aspects, nor are the provisions contained therein intended to constitute a certification that the structuring of the operations envisaged therein could be profitable. or appropriate for the recipients of this document. The Admission Document and the information contained herein cannot constitute an information and evaluation basis aimed in any way at market solicitation. In particular, this Admission Document and the information contained herein do not constitute (i) an offer to the public of financial instruments pursuant to Articles 94 and ss. of Legislative Decree 24/02/1998 n ° 58 (the “Consolidated Finance Act” or “TUF”) and the related implementing regulations – in particular, this document has not been submitted for approval by CONSOB or any other regulatory authority EU / non-EU competent authority has assessed the accuracy or adequacy of the information contained therein; (ii) an offer or solicitation of investment in the jurisdictions of countries where such offer, solicitation or distribution is unlawful or where the person making the offer or solicitation is not authorized to do so, or where the same are offered to parties who are not permitted to be recipients of such offers or solicitations. The information contained in this section of the website is disseminated in application of the ExtraMOT Regulation.
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Il partner ideale per chi commercia e lavora il legno con il cuore.
La creazione di un network solido ed efficiente rappresenta una strategia fondamentale per la crescita in un mercato sempre più flessibile, dinamico e difficilmente prevedibile. Florian vuole interpretare questa situazione da capofila ed è alla continua ricerca di partner in tutto il mondo con cui condividere la passione per il legno e una grande imprenditorialità.