Investor Relation Boad of management


Florian Spa board of management is composed of 3 members who are elected with a three-year period. The Board of Directors provides the overall guidance of all the companies in the group, monitors their performance and makes the most important decisions in terms of finance, industrial investments, acquisitions and special projects.
The Board respects the principles of professionalism with a self-assessment system and has an independent director in line with Annex II of the recommendations of the European Commission dated 15-2-15 on the role of non-executive Directors.

Members of the Board of Management

Elvio Florian


Born in 1956, he gained experience in the family business and since 2001 he has taken over the operational reins of the group. Expert in the supply of high-quality hardwoods and woodworking technologies, he provides guidance and operational management for all the companies in the group. His entrepreneurial ability and strategic vision has been recognized in various international contexts, qualifying him today as one of the leading European experts in the wood sector.

Enrico Florian

Managing director

Born in 1979, after having acquired a degree in management engineering, he began his activity in 2005 by rotating various functions such as purchasing and commercial Italy, since 2015 he has specialized in the management of export sales, consolidating existing markets and opening new areas such as Far- East. He holds the role of CEO of Iskra Legno, the main European hub in the processing and marketing of beech. He joins the holding’s board of directors in 2019, enriching the board with his vision of world markets and the dynamics of demand.

Giovanni Gambin

Indipendent Director

Born in 1960, of Friulian origins, he graduated in Electronic Engineering. He has a long experience, mainly of an international nature, in the civil electronics sector and in the development of technological products. In the last decade, he has held corporate management roles in important national family-run companies, specializing in Design Management. He joins the board of directors of the company in 2021 as an independent director with the aim of bringing a broadening of the strategic vision and the modernization of management systems.

The integrated quality ecosystem for sustainable wood.
Florian became a leader in the hardwood industry creating an ecosystem of dynamic companies driven by innovation and sustainability, each specialized in different divisions and product. From the raw material to the final product, with a zero waste approach through all the production chain.