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16 July 2021
The new acquisition of the florian bizzarri srl group now becomes part of the riese pio x group
Con un passaggio di consegne simbolico, a Corinaldo (AN), si è tenuto il passaggio degli stabilimenti industriali che per lungo tempo hanno ospitato la Bizzarri Spa, al gruppo Florian di Riese Pio X.
17 March 2021
A label for Walnut for its circulation in Europe
24 February 2021
PASSION, PROFESSIONALISM, SAFETY: The 2021 of Florian Group opens with the hiring of 10 new professional figures
Florian Group had a sparkling start of the year, thanks to the hiring of 10 new employees.
8 April 2019
From the forest to the pellet: we are on board!
Inserto mensile Corriere Imprese ed. Veneto.

The integrated quality ecosystem for sustainable wood.
Florian became a leader in the hardwood industry creating an ecosystem of dynamic companies driven by innovation and sustainability, each specialized in different divisions and product. From the raw material to the final product, with a zero waste approach through all the production chain.