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16 May 2024
11th Florian financial meeting
On Friday 10 May, the customary financial meeting of the Florian group took place at the BHR hotel conference centre in Treviso. The meeting was reserved for representatives of banks and financial institutions in the Triveneto region, in the year that marks the group’s 50th anniversary. Present at the meeting was the Honourable Coin Dimitri […]
11 July 2023
A masterpiece: tables by Florian
We are letting you discover the products that have been transformed from ‘waste’ to flagship products of the Florian group. The importance of production unusable pieces, the respect for nature and the integrated ‘0 waste’ chain has allowed the Florian group to transform materials that cannot be used for the group’s classic productions into real […]
29 November 2022
Il Bosco - Florian and The Wallà
THE WALLA In recent weeks, Florian Legno has joined the “The Wallà” project, an important territorial initiative aimed at redeveloping the hamlet of Vallà di Riese Pio X. A very important explosion of color on the northern façade of the Florian Group plant has given rise to the partnerships between local companies and the Boca […]
23 March 2022
Florian gets a 25 million euro bond
The bond, with Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, Sace and Mediocredito Centrale, aims to support the company's 2022-2024 investment plan.
16 July 2021
Florian announces a new acquisition: Bizzarri srl now becomes part of the group
With a symbolic handover, in Corinaldo (AN), it was held the handover of the industrial plants that for a long time hosted the Bizzarri Spa, to the Florian group of Riese Pio X.
17 March 2021
A label for Walnut for its circulation in Europe
24 February 2021
PASSION, PROFESSIONALISM, SAFETY: The 2021 of Florian Group opens with the hiring of 10 new professional figures
Florian Group had a sparkling start of the year, thanks to the hiring of 10 new employees.
8 April 2019
From the forest to the pellet: we are on board!
Inserto mensile Corriere Imprese ed. Veneto.

Il partner ideale per chi commercia e lavora il legno con il cuore.
La creazione di un network solido ed efficiente rappresenta una strategia fondamentale per la crescita in un mercato sempre più flessibile, dinamico e difficilmente prevedibile. Florian vuole interpretare questa situazione da capofila ed è alla continua ricerca di partner in tutto il mondo con cui condividere la passione per il legno e una grande imprenditorialità.