PASSION, PROFESSIONALISM, SAFETY: The 2021 of Florian Group opens with the hiring of 10 new professional figures

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24 February 2021

The 2021 of Florian Group opens with the hiring of 10 new professional figures.

Despite the numbing mistrust, Florian Group stands out for a clear turnaround; even in a pandemic situation, 2020 ended up with a confident attitude towards the future.

In the first two months of 2021, 10 new figures were hired and integrated in the production and product handling department. The employees included in Florian Legno are mostly young people, who are in search of job stability, or personnel looking for work relocation.

The new recruits were welcomed by Antonio Battaglia (Chief Executive Officer of Florian Legno) with a first symbolic gesture: the delivery of the mask. This action aims at further strengthening the sense of compliance with Anti-Covid regulations.

“A dutiful gesture towards the new hires; we would like to convey to them the message that compliance with the rules is extremely important for the daily conduct at work. I wish the new employees to get passionate about wood and professional as we are”.

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