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17 March 2021

In short, plant passport is a simple label to put on the packages of certain wood species (Juglans L., Platanus L. e Pterocarya L.), for their circulation in Europe.

Specifically, the plant passport:

  1. It is valid for timber that:
    1. It is considered a plant product pursuant to art. 2, paragraph 2, of regulation (EU) 2016/2031; and
    2. It was fully or partially obtained from Juglans L., Platanus L. and Pterocarya L. including wood that has not maintained its natural round surface; and
    3. It falls under the respective CN code and corresponds to one of the following descriptions in Annex I, Part II, of Regulation (EEC) no. 2658/87 of the Council: see table at the following link 
  2. It can only be issued by professional operators, which have their own RUOP registration number.
  3. It must be put on the sales unit; it is up to the company if it is a single product, or package, etc.
  4. It must be filled in as follows:

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