The new acquisition of the florian bizzarri srl group now becomes part of the riese pio x group

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16 July 2021

With a symbolic handover, in Corinaldo (AN), the transfer of the industrial plants that for a long time hosted Bizzarri Spa, an important company for the territory of Corinaldo and the Marche Region, to the Florian group of Riese Pio X was held , behind the legal assistance of Avv. Gabriele Manoni, legal advisor of the Falleroni firm of Senigallia.

An acquisition that gives new impetus to the Riese Pio X Group, already strengthened by the experience acquired after the takeover of the Vazzola’s plant, focused in the production of fine wood floors, and brings new life to the Corinaldo area .

An effort that will certainly be rewarded by the great success that the new company will have over the years. The company know-how will allow the Florian Group team that will settle in the Corinaldo plants to have the usual success also in this new experience.

The Florian Group, market leader in the timber sector, wants to set itself new commercial objectives that can put the group to the test again.

“When I received the invitation to be present at this handover, my heart opened up. For years we have been following and participating in the events of the Bizzarri factory and now we are really happy that the Florian group has decided to start this new Marche adventure, bringing with it know-how and dynamism. Thanks to the Bizzarri family for never giving up and for having preserved the factory while waiting for the arrival of the Florian Group ” said Matteo Principi, mayor of Corinaldo.

“We bring with us the experience accumulated over the years both in Italy and in Europe in this new adventure. Our group, strong in constant research and attention to the quality of production processes, has made the decision to acquire the Bizzarri spa plant, which will be managed by the new generation of the Florian family. I am sure that with the support of a good local team we will achieve great results together. ” Said the President of the Florian Group, Elvio Florian.

“We are very proud to take up the challenge that was launched by my father, Elvio Florian, in the management and growth of this new production reality. We wanted to keep the Bizzarri name to carry on the tradition and history that has linked this production reality to this territory for a long time. Daniele Visentin and I will team up so that Bizzarri takes off again. We are used to daily challenges and are ready to face a new one! ” Claudia Florian, director of said

“We have never stopped believing that a strong production reality could one day restart the plant, and this has rewarded us. Even after closing, we continued to go to the factory every day to preserve it in the best possible way, in the hope that one day what happened today could happen. I thank everyone for the esteem and affection shown. I am sure that the Florian family will be able to return this production relate to the splendor of the past ” the declaration of Mr. Adelelmo Bizzarri

“I know Bizzarri for its past, a historical production reality for the territory and important for the wood sector; I have known the Florian Group for some time and I recognize to all of them the dynamism and quality that, thanks to the professionalism of the team, it has managed to achieve, through a solid network and continuous innovation. I see two very similar realities, endowed with great values and great traditions and guided by an ethics that goes beyond all limits. I wish the Florian Group to have the usual success in this new great adventure. ” Alessandro Calcaterra declared FedecomLegno President.

Da Sx Adelelmo Bizzarri, Matteo Principi Sindaco di Corinaldo ed Elvio Florian
Da sx Adelelmo Bizzarri, Alessandro Calcaterra (Presidente di Fedecomlegno) Elvio Florian, Sebastiano Cerullo (Direttore Generale FederLegnoArredo) ed Antonio Battaglia (Vice Presidente Fedecomlegno)
Claudia Florian
Daniele Visentin
Antonio Battaglia
Enrico Florian
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