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29 May 2020

With Silver Defence, you will no longer be afraid of germs and bacteria!
Ask for the additive that fights germs and bacteria for a healthier floor in your home.

Hygiene and air quality represent an essential value for Florian group, which is why we want to offer these conditions to our customers, even in their everyday life. It is now possible to request the Silver Defence, the additive against germs and bacteria with silver ions.

These additives can stop bacterial proliferation on the wood surface. When the silver ions get in contact with microbes and bacteria, they prevent their growth and reproduction, creating a protective film on the wooden surface.

The technical and aesthetic characteristics of this paints are not altered and the sanitizing potential is maintained over time. In addition, they are suitable for contact with food.

They are not life-threatening for humans and animals are ideal not only for your home, but also for environments that require high hygiene standards such as restaurants and bars, bakeries and supermarkets, waiting rooms, swimming pools and saunas, rooms and bathrooms, kindergartens and schools, etc.

Choose a healthy environment, choose our flooring with Silver Defence paint.

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