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22 June 2020

Protection of the environment and health are the cornerstone of Florian Group, that is why our wooden flooring is INDOOR AIR COMFORT GOLD certified. We were the first ones in Italy to achieve this certification, both for the unfinished and varnished flooring.

This certification guarantees that the product has low VOC emissions and therefore ideal for indoor environments., When VOCs , volatile organic compounds, are present in large quantities, they can be harmful to health, especially for more sensitive people such as children. With INDOOR AIR COMFORT GOLD, we certify that our FLO.IT brand product is healthy and complies with the regulations that limit VOC emissions and allows us to guarantee health and safety in the houses and buildings of our customers.

It is essential to choose a brand that has this certification because it includes the most important European regulations governing the limits for indoor emissions. In addition, it meets the most current market needs in terms of indoor air quality.

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