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24 May 2024

The Florian group wins an oak log over 160 years old at an auction in Croatia.

It is assumed that the age of the rare specimen dates back to at least 140-160 years. It grew on the land of the Županja Forestry, but last year’s storm destroyed it. Since its crown was significantly torn, it was necessary to cut it down and make the most of the rarity of the oak trunks, thus giving the forests the opportunity to regenerate and make room for plants that help the health of the entire planet.

“It is really very rare to see something like this, a single piece trunk of very high quality, intact and perfect for processing despite being “old” “ commented Božidar Suknjaić of the Florian group.

Foresters teach us that the trunk grows in height for the first 40 years, and then in width, and the general culture recognizes the fact that the Slavonian oak is woven into the foundations of the most important European buildings, from cathedrals onwards, since times of Maria Theresa. Similar logs, according to oral tradition, were exhibited at the great world exhibition in Paris on the occasion of the opening of the Eiffel Tower in 1889 and the celebration of the centenary of the beginning of the French Revolution, transformed into today’s EXPO, an international economic event, without forget that the rebirth of Notre Dame Cathedral also became possible thanks to hundreds of oak logs.

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Il partner ideale per chi commercia e lavora il legno con il cuore.
La creazione di un network solido ed efficiente rappresenta una strategia fondamentale per la crescita in un mercato sempre più flessibile, dinamico e difficilmente prevedibile. Florian vuole interpretare questa situazione da capofila ed è alla continua ricerca di partner in tutto il mondo con cui condividere la passione per il legno e una grande imprenditorialità.