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19 September 2019

The performance of our wood flooring

The use of wood flooring in homes dates back to the oldest tradition of the building sector. The advantages of a wooden floor are many, first of all it is a natural element, because it comes from forests that continuously grow and renew themselves, secondly it maintains a constant temperature, thanks to poor thermal conductivity. It is an extremely durable material, which can withstand high levels of traffic and wear. Last but not least, its chromatic variety easily adapts to any style and decor, making any environment welcoming.

Our two and three-layer oak flooring, with a noble oak layer and birch plywood support, is continuously subjected to technical tests to maintain a constant quality over time and to always improve its performance. Having a product made up of several layers, it is important for us to consider the combination of several aspects, such as quality, durability, stability, safety and health, aesthetics. So, we have invested in tests that cover each of these aspects.

Quality starts from the control and selection of the material already at the company. It is then tested in the laboratory for durability and stability. The tests carried out to verify durability are resistance to abrasion, to chemical agents, to scratching and the cross-cutting and hardness test, to test the finishing layer. The more elastic and abrasion-resistant the paint is, the better its performance will be in terms of wear, impacts and even dirt. The tests to verify the stability are the resistance to indentation and the determination of dimensional stability.

The tests for safety and health are equally important for living serenely in the indoor environment. Our flooring is Indoor Air Comfort Gold certified on VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which means that it meets the lowest level of emissions required by the most stringent European requirements. Further tests for pentachlorophenol and formaldehyde emissions are constantly carried out in our trusted laboratories. In addition, the reaction-to-fire tests are performed to ensure class Cfl-s1, an essential requirement for DoP.

The aesthetic aspect of the floor is merely subjective, which varies according to the choice of colour, shape, finishing and treatment. However, it must be emphasized that maintenance over time preserves its aesthetic beauty; indeed, the tests of tendency to retain dirt, resistance to light and temperature changes, have provided us with excellent results and helped us to understand how to limit the changing phenomena over time. We would like to emphasize that we use a low number of “Gloss” and that our paints comply with European standards. As for the final colour of the floor, we offer a wide range of hues that cover both light and dark shades, or the natural colour of the wood that give it its original rough appearance.

To see the complete list of tests and results, download the document here or contact us for more information.

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