Florian is the global leader enterprise in the wood market.

The creation of a solid and efficient network represents a key strategy to grow in an increasingly flexible, dynamic and unpredictable market.


Florian wants to lead this situation as a frontman and it is constantly searching for new partners all over the world, with whom to share the passion for wood and great entrepreneurship.

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A sustainable ecosystem which builds, day by day, the future of Florian Group and the wood market.


For over 60 years, Florian Group has been managing a complete supplychain, through which it controls the whole production system, from the forest to the finished product, in order to ensure the maximum quality and the minimum waste of resources.

“We’ve always been driven by an innate passion for wood. Experience taught us that through evolution and change we keep growing.”

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Nature is what we are, the roots we belong to and how we choose to act. Florian, Feeling wood.