Engineered WALNUT Floor

Engineered WALNUT Floor

The production of Florian group also includes walnut flooring, a wood with grain and elegant tones. Its irregularities make it unique and this is also the reason why it is appreciated in the furniture industry. This wood never goes out of fashion and the parquet will always be simple and fascinating at the same time.  Every detail is important, so that the flooring can give a touch of value to every house and office. It offers a wide range of sizes and finishes, suitable for any space and style. It is a product that can be customized according to client’s needs.


It is a product of maximum quality firstly for the material itself, but also for the performances achieved and tested regularly by Catas laboratories to ensure performance over time.


Thickness 15 mm – top layer 4 mm
Widths 152 mm
Lengths 2350 - 2150 - 1850 - 1175 mm
Core birch plywood wbp Carb2-tsca


They are available both unfinished and varnished; there is the possibility to produce them also CHEVRON and HERRINGBONE.

Quality PRIME_image

Quality PRIME

Natural discoloration allowed,
limited presence of sapwood
and small and medium filled knots.

Quality RUSTIC_image

Quality RUSTIC

Natural discolorations,
filled knots and sapwood are allowed.

CERTIFICATIONS obtained the Indoor Air Comfort Gold certification, which guarantees that the product has low emissions, in terms of VOC (volative organic compounds). It includes the following European regulations on VOC emissions:

• France VOC class A+
• Germany (AgBB/ABG)
• BREEAM international, NOR e NL
• WELL Building
• SKA Rating
• French HQE certification

• Italian regulation on GPP
   (Green Public Procurement)
• DGNB, BVB (Sweden)
• EU ecolabel
• Nordic Swan
• Blue Angel DE-UZ 176
• Austrian ecolabel criteria UZ 07

• M1
• Danish Indoor Climate Label
• Singapore Green Label
• GreenTag Australia
• Belgian regulation
• E1 classification


The FSC® Chain of Custody (COC) certification guarantees that the wood we use comes from responsibly managed forests, according to strict environmental, social and economic standards.


The CE marking guarantees quality, safety and consumer protection.


Our 2-layer floor meets the Cfl-s1 fire resistance class requirements, even surpassing the minimum requirement of the EN14342 standard on CE marking. The 3-layer floor responds to the Dfl-s1 class of fire reaction, provided by the EN14342 standard.


All birch plywood panels used for our flooring are CARB phase 2 certified and comply with the TSCA Title VI requirements established by the EPA.


We only use NAF (non-added formaldehyde) adhesives in order to comply with our environmental policy aimed at reducing indoor emissions.


Our multi-layers artifacts combine several aspects, such as quality, durability, stability, safety and health, aesthetics. Therefore, every year at the Catas laboratory our floor is subjected to specific tests, which cover each of these aspects and help us monitor and improve the performance.