Elvio Florian for BANCA INTESA

10 January 2017

This brief extract from a recent interview for Banca Intesa provides a status overview of the Florian team.


What are the internationalisation strategies for the company?
In 2008, during the global financial crisis, this industry suffered recession in Italy. This made strategic planning indispensable, our products and services had to be altered to suit to a market and environment outside the one they were planned for. The internationalisation strategy was divided into the research and analysis of the market, product policy definition, price, distribution and promotion in global markets, and professional promotion of the brands. Essentially, our aim is to invest mainly in the acquisition of foreign manufacturing plants, increasing export volume.

Which countries do you export to?
Florian exports to all the continents. Our offer is able to satisfy to a wide range of demands which requires a considerable operational effort. But on the other hand, this wide range of demands allows us to to minimize the waste of raw material and make the most of the resources.

What are the key business strategies that keep you competitive?
Success depends on multiple factors: market opportunities, social and political conditions, the intrinsic capacity for innovation, commercial strength. Florian’s distinctive characteristics are its great capacity for strategic vision and the quality of the people involved. It does more than just sell timber, it’s a brand that is recognised worldwide and known for the quality it offers and the quantity of product always available: to date, we alone provide a “just in time” service that no one else can, with delivery throughout Europe in just 48 hours.

What about the R&D investments?
Florian has always stood out for its judicious activity in research and development, to improve products, create new ones and improve production processes. This has led us over the years to embark on challenging ventures, in cutting-edge technology with concrete results in manufacturing.
Furthermore, Florian has always been sensitive to environmental and energy issues demonstrated through decades of real commitment. Sustainable development permeates every phase of the timber production cycle, from procurement to the use of energy from renewable sources. We have risen to the challenge in the latter, with a serious investment: our main production facility operates with a a photovoltaic installation that produces enough power to cover the requirements of the systems currently in operation.

Can you tell us what the company’s main projects for the future are?
We see a positive future, with a continuation of the investment strategies in the manufacturing sector, because controlling the supply chain of raw materials is crucial. Our capacity for purchasing raw materials, together with professional management and the creation of a solid and efficient network, allow us to forecast the increases for the upcoming years, giving us the scope to develop new markets and new products.