24 July 2015

Incessant growth


Iskralegno is an Italian company within the

Florian group, which specialises in processing beech wood.
This wood is highly versatile and is used in numerous industries. The company therefore deploys various working methods along with a continuous search for innovation and for improving its production process.

Iskralegno was established in 2000 and has seen continuous growth right up until now with 39,000 m2 of which 7,500 are covered.

From 2010 to this very day, there has been growth which has allowed the company to invest €11.5 million in expanding its property by constructing a further 20.000 m2. 12 more drying cells will be added to the existing four, including driers, along with evaporators for a total of 16 cells with an overall capacity of 1.200 m3. These will be followed by the construction of a cogeneration plant for producing hot water, which is required for drying and electrical power.

The goal is to create a production site, which has the lowest environmental impact in terms of energy consumption.