Wood description: 
The annual growth rings, usually quite wide are marked with a dense thin band. On tangential surfaces its pores are recognizable as slim grooves. It has resin and once dried it assumes a red-brown colour.
Sapwood: white-yellowish or pinkish.
Heartwood: from pinkish to red-brown.

Histological structure: 
Grain: straight;
Texture: medium to coarse.

permeable sapwood to impermeable heartwood.

Characteristic defects: 
Large drillings due to wood-boring insects;
Tension wood;
Wounds on trunks base;
Checks due to freezing cold.

Working properties:
Sawing and planing: they can be difficult with tension wood;
Drying: quite slow;
Glueing: trouble free;
Nailing and screwing: easy;
Finishing: trouble free.

Main uses: 
Matches production;
Packages ( crates and boxes);
Cellulose for paper production;
Chipwood and plywood;
Decorative veneering.

Mechanical properties: 
Tensil strength : 55 N/mm2
Compressive strength : 31 N/mm2

Specific weight : 
green 760 kg/m³
dried 340 kg/ m³