National Walnut

National Walnut

Wood description:
Robust and compact wood. Its pores are closely distributed on the annual ring and they are so large that are visible to the naked eye, especially on the tangential surfaces. The marked colour distinction between the bright sapwood and the dark heartwood is a common characteristic.
Sapwood: yellowish to pale-grey
Hertwood: from grey to dark-chocolate brown occasionally with a purplish cast and darker streaks.

Histological structure:
Grain: straight, sometimes wavy;
Texture: medium.

Characteristic defects:
Quite vulnerable to wood-boring insects;
It occasionally shows clear chromatic differences.

sapwood average permeable, heartwood impermeable.

Working properties:
Sawing: trouble free;
Drying: average quick, with some risk of colapse;
Planing: trouble free;
Glueing: difficult with alkaline glues;
Nailing and screwing: easy;
Finishing: easy.

Main uses:
High class furniture for interiors and exteriors;
Turnery and carving;
Flooring, ceiling, doors;
Decorative and ornamental veneering;

Mechanical properties:
Tensil strength : 970 kg/cm²
Compressive strength : 590 kg/cm²

Specific weight:
green 900 kg/m³
dried 600 kg/ m³