Wood description:
Larch sapwood is very narrow. Its heartwood strongly varies from light brown to dark and deep brown-red. Sapwood usually fills up from 1⁄ 2 to 1⁄ 3 of the ring extent.
Sapwood: light yellow.
Heartwood: light brown to red-brown.

Histological structure:
Grain: straight, often helicoidal;
Texture: fine to medium.
Characteristic defects:
Numerous sound knots and some loose ones;
Abundant resin that occasionally produces resin pockets.

Sapwood impermeable (even though very changeable), heartwood impermeable.

Working properties:
Sawing: easy, except in case of resin excess;
Drying: quick but with risk of warp;
Planing: easy but with special attention to resin pockets;
Glueing: easy, but as for planing;
Nailing and screwing: inclined to splits, pre-boring is recommended;
Finishing: easy if no resin excess.

Main uses:
Doors, windows and interior garments;
Shingle roof and packages;
Decorative veneering;
Street furniture.

Mechanical properties:
Tensil strength : 990 kg/cm²
Compressive strength : 550 kg/cm²

Specific weight:
green 860 kg/m³
dried 650 kg/ m³