European Ash

European Ash

Wood description:
Robust and light and flexible at the same time. There is no distinction between softwood and heartwood. Its colour is white-pinkish and pearly, it can have some green nuances.
The annual rings are particularly marked. Characteristic is the coloured heart, from dark-grey to olive-green.

Histological structure:
Grain: straight;
Texture: medium to coarse.

Characteristic defects:
Tight knots;
The centre of trunks can have a dark-olive green area, fake dark heart;
Internal tensiones.

Impermeable on average.

Working properties:
Sawing: trouble-free;
Drying: easy, from quick to average slow with some risk of warp;
Planing: easy;
Glueing: easy, except with resorcin glues;
Nailing and screwing: pre-boring is recommended;
Finishing: easy.

Main uses:
High class joinery and furniture for interiors;
Flooring, doors and garments;
Decorative veneering;
Sports gear.

Mechanical properties:
Tensil strength : 1130 kg/cm²
Compressive strength : 510 kg/cm²

Specific weight:
green 960 kg/m³
dried 720 kg/ m³