Wood description:
Beech has a considerable clear colour, almost white, it assumes the known rosy tone through steaming and kilning processes. With the sun light, the colour varies till the pale-yellow. Medullar rays are well visible on all the surfaces of cut and they characterize the design especially on the tangential ones where they appears as sharp spindles.

Histological structure:
Grain: straight, sometimes helicoidal;
Texture: fine and uniform.


Characteristic defects:
Colour variations due to fungus;
Internal tensions;
Fake red heart;
Occasionally helicoidal grain;
Inclined to checks and warp.

Working properties:
Sawing: easy;
Drying: slow, with special attention to warp;
Planing: easy;
Glueing: trouble free;
Nailing and screwing: trouble free;
Finishing: good, it can adopt almost every tone .

Main uses:
Solid and laminated furniture;
Flooring, ceiling, doors;
Chipwood and plywood;
Marine piling and harbour work;
Musical instruments;
Domestic wood ware, playthings, packages, crates and boxes;
Once pitched it is used as tie on railways.

Mechanical properties:
Tensil strength : 110 kg/cm²
Compressive strength : 580 kg/cm²

Specific weight:
green 1050 kg/m³
dried 730 kg/ m³