Russian Pine

Wood description: 
Pine has a strong, heavy and compact wood. It is resistant to woodworms and its colour is reddish with a darker purple tone. There is no distinction between sapwood and heartwood.

Histological structure: 
Grain: straight;
Texture: fine.

Working properties:
Sawing: fairly easy;
Drying: slow;
Planing: easy;
Glueing: good;
Nailing and screwing: pre-boring is recommended;
Finishing: trouble free.

Main uses: 
High class furniture;
Decorative veneering for interiors and exteriors;
Musical instruments;
Turnery and carving;
Sculptures, playthings, rulers and xylography.

Mechanical properties: 
Tensil strength : 1150 kg/cm²
Compressive strength : 540 kg/cm²

Specific weight: 
green 820 kg/m³
dried 680 kg/ m³